You can beat the power with this tricks

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Electricity and power are important in the world. But sometimes electricity can be very dangerous.

Note that: This tricks maybe increases your chances of survival.

1 - Don’t panic and think.

What can I do? Just relax and think before electric comes.

2 - Try to send back the electric power.

Your body is conductive and sends the current back, which increases your chances of survival

3 - Keep the electrical sources away from the very cold and away from the very hot.

Sources may explode at high temperatures.

The yield of resources may decrease from cold /or/ may not work. Also, electric vehicles are less efficient in cold weather.

4 - Make sure that the steam does not come to the plugs and sockets.

It can have bad consequences. It can also cause a very large explosion.

5 - A Deadly Shower: Do not enter the shower in the thunderstorm.

Metal is a good conductor, so if lightning strikes an unprotected house, chances are the current will travel through any metal pipes. So basically, being wet can make the difference between an unpleasant electrical shock and a deadly one.